• Question: Why Do Athletes Seem To Get A Slap On The Wrist In Our Legal System?

    Answer: Our editor-in-chief talks about the latest miscarriage of justice in the newest blog on The Sports Insomniacs!
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The Great Double Standard of Athletes

By Andrés Serna [editor’s note: Graphic content ahead. Reader discretion is advised.] By all accounts, this is my first blog in a good long while. I used to write consistently on different sports websites, not for any purpose, rather just to spread the good word – in the sports world, that is. I was opinionated, … Continue reading

LSU and Saints Enjoy “Lazy Weekend”, Prepare For Rest of Season

By Andrés Serna Sports Insomniacs Editor-in-Chief *.* This weekend, both the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints are able to kick back and relax. The Tigers, who are currently 7-2 and 3-2 in the Southeastern Conference, got a well-deserved (and much needed) bye week to heal up and have an extra week to prepare … Continue reading

Auburn Humiliates LSU, Tigers Fall From Top 25

By Andrés Serna Sports Insomniacs Editor-in-Chief *.* The newest video blog takes a look back at Auburn’s 41-7 thrashing of the LSU Tigers and what it means for the Bayou Bengals and their season going forward. Agree? Disagree? Sound off below!

The College Football Bake Sale: More Teams Scheduling “Cupcakes” For Easy Wins

*.* By Andrés Serna Sports Insomniacs Editor-in-Chief [editor’s note: The following blog was written back in 2010, when yours truly still worked for one of the area radio stations. After LSU’s through thrashing of New Mexico State University on Saturday, 63-7, and a thirty-minute heated discussion (and disagreement) with my girlfriend, I thought it might … Continue reading

LSU vs. Mississippi State: What Went Wrong?

One of the Sports Insomniacs gives his instant recap of LSU’s upset loss to Mississippi State. Things covered include the Tigers’ playcalling, if Les Miles is on the hot seat and how one of the Bulldog players auditioned for a job with the WWE. Check it out!

Saints’ Super Bowl Dreams On Life Support: Is It Time To Pull The Plug?

*.* By Andrés Serna Sports Insomniacs Editor-in-Chief *.* “You’ve been gone for so long, I’m running out of time/I need a doctor, call me a doctor/I need a doctor, doctor/To bring me back to life” – Skylar Grey “I Need A Doctor” I know that most of my readers would probably correct me in a … Continue reading

We’re Taking Over! (YouTube, that is…)

As one of the Sports Insomniacs, yours truly, Andrés Serna, is taking to this new fangled web site known as YouTube. Hopefully, my ugly face doesn’t scare *too* many of you. Enjoy!

Great Scott!: A New Blog From The Sports Insomniacs

By Andrés Serna Twenty-five months. Two years and one month. Seems like a lifetime ago. A lot can change in twenty-five months. People are born. Sadly, people die. People grow up and change for the better and people grow old and change for the worse. But there are two things that remained constant. At least … Continue reading

Holy Green Jackets!: Augusta Adds Their First Female Members

By Andrés Serna It must be a cold day in Augusta, Georgia, because Hell hath frozen over. For the first time ever since Augusta National’s opening in 1932, the traditional men’s-only club is extending invitations to members of the fairer sex. On Monday, both former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla … Continue reading

Pro Wrestling, Then And Now: It’s Still The Same Damn Thing

By Andrés Serna This Sunday night, World Wrestling Entertainment will stage their annual August pay-per-view, SummerSlam, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Tonight’s card will be headlined by the return of thirteen-time world champion and storyline Chief Operations Officer Triple H who will return to the square circle to take on former … Continue reading