Augusta National
  • Question: What does the Sports Insomniacs feel about the recent rumblings from Augusta National?

    Answer: A first-ever golf blog makes its way to the web site - read on to read the Sports Insomniacs' take on the two newest members of one of golf's most exclusive clubs.
Augusta National

Holy Green Jackets!: Augusta Adds Their First Female Members

By Andrés Serna It must be a cold day in Augusta, Georgia, because Hell hath frozen over. For the first time ever since Augusta National’s opening in 1932, the traditional men’s-only club is extending invitations to members of the fairer sex. On Monday, both former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla … Continue reading

The match is MADE!

Pro Wrestling, Then And Now: It’s Still The Same Damn Thing

By Andrés Serna This Sunday night, World Wrestling Entertainment will stage their annual August pay-per-view, SummerSlam, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Tonight’s card will be headlined by the return of thirteen-time world champion and storyline Chief Operations Officer Triple H who will return to the square circle to take on former … Continue reading

And you thought *you* were having a bad day!

Enough Is Enough: It’s Time For A Change

by Andrés Serna Well, it’s mid-August, and sadly, I have good and bad news for our loyal readers of The Sports Insomniacs’ blog here on WordPress. Several times, over and over, I have typed multiple blogs – all of them apologizing for the lack of activity on our blog’s web page and promising that our … Continue reading


The Month That Was (When We Weren’t)

By Andrés Serna Sports fans rejoice. Your patience has paid off. The Sports Insomniacs are back! (*crickets chirping*) Hello? Anyone there? (*more crickets*) Well, sadly, we didn’t really didn’t go anywhere. This past month has been a busy one for our three sports experts. Even though we were still good (mostly) about updating our Facebook … Continue reading

CWS Logo

Previewing The NCAA Baseball Tournament

By Tyler deFrances With the NCAA basketball tournament now a memory, fans have turned their attention to a new field of 64 pursuing a national championship. Here is one Sport Insomniacs’ view of the college baseball field of 64 and a sneak peek at the Baton Rouge regional. #2 seed to watch:  Georgia Tech Yellow … Continue reading


Coach Comics: The Marvel Universe and the SEC (Part II)

By Trey Westerburg 10 days later, part deux is finally posted!  As should be be fairly obvious, Sports Insomniacs is a hobby of ours and our day jobs and personal lives tend to take precedence over our side projects, but we do the best we can.  We had originally intended this half of Coach Comics to … Continue reading

Former NFL Commissioner Bert Bell

What If?: Commissioner Of Sports (Part I)

Seven Things I Would Change About Sports By Andrés Serna First and foremost, thank you to everybody who gave us, the Sports Insomniacs, feedback on our blogs, especially our most recent posts. We are always appreciative to get any sort of response, whether it be positive or negative, as it makes it worth writing these … Continue reading


Coach Comics: The Marvel Universe and the SEC (Part I)

By Trey Westerburg With record-breaking numbers in the shortest amount of time ever, The Avengers is taking over the world to kick off the summer movie season.  Receiving rave reviews and still selling out theaters worldwide after two weeks, movie lovers can’t escape it and can’t get enough of it.  At S.I. sports, of course, is our … Continue reading

Eric Gordon and Jason Smith

What’s In A Name?

By Andrés Serna How do we identify our favorite sports teams? For some, it’s seeing a superstar player pop up on your television set during a game. “Oh hey, look it’s Peyton Manning! I wonder who the Colts are playing?” Of course, sometimes that’s not the best way to see who’s playing. “Wait a minute, … Continue reading

LSU Tigers Baseball

LSU Baseball: They’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

By Tyler deFrances Now that the basketball season has ended with a major letdown in Oregon and spring football officially over LSU fans have turned their attention completely to baseball. What they have found is a team that is much different from last year’s and some baseball fans will even argue that is different than … Continue reading


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